FotoFriday – Rural Students Bring Their Own Desks to School


Rural Students in Macheng, Hubei Province must carry their own desks and stools to school.



One child takes his family’s coffee table to school.


You can see more pictures here (Chinese website with photo gallery after the jump).

Update: Xinhua News Agency reported on Sept 8th that officials from the city of Macheng said a total of 9 million yuan (U.S.$1.4 million) would be invested to refurnish all schools in the city.  More details can be read in English here.

Every Friday, we will find and share a photograph of contemporary China.  Photos taken by others will be duly credited, but keep your eye out for pictures that we’ve taken ourselves, as each member of our team go about our daily lives here in Beijing.


Angela Sun

Angela Sun

Angela Sun is a Chinese emigre to the US who has worked in her native China for two years as teacher and education consultant. A California at heart if not by birth, she enjoys spicy Hunanese food, reading, and listening to music.

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