China 101

Unless you’ve sweated for hours in a summer Beijing traffic jam, attended a raucous Chinese banquet dinner or wandered the Forbidden City, China may seem more like an idea than a place. A better understanding China is an excellent first step towards stronger interactions with your Chinese applicants and families.

How can I learn more about China without visiting?

If you have ten minutes, watching this video is a great start.  The video will walk you through China’s history, culture, economics along with many other interesting China tidbits.  There are a few slip ups as pointed out by the Shanghaist (i.e. China’s “five million year history”), but otherwise is an excellent way to develop a greater understanding of China.

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  1. Alan Haas says

    Chris: Thanks for linking us to your blogs. I found the 10 minute introduction to China informative, fascinating and enticing. Thanks. Alan

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