The Vericant team finished last week with our annual (almost) full-team retreat. We always go somewhere in the Beijing area and make sure we have tons of fun. Last year, we went to a remote section of The Great Wall, had lunch in a secluded village, and finished with foot massages after all of our stomping around.

Beijing’s Happy Valley Amusement Park  was the site of this year’s team bonding. It was also Halloween, which meant we had to go in costume. Because we’re involved with Chinese education, it was only fitting for us to hop into Chinese school uniforms. The blue and white tracksuits we’re all wearing are typical school uniforms for Chinese middle and high schoolers. Walk around any major Chinese city and you’ll spot herds of youth roaming the streets on their way to/from home in the colorful jumpers; boys and girls alike.

Take a look below at some of the crazy photos from the day! We had a long list of scavenger hunt items we had to do by the end of the day; ride an ant statue, create a Japanese anime scene, get splashed by a wet ride, find a non-Vericant foreigner, hug a stranger, and more. That explains many of the wild pictures.

The day was perfect timing, as we’re still very busy delivering The Vericant Interview to our Partner Institutions.

Have you been on a team outing in China before? Do you have any suggestions for us and other readers on which Beijing spots to check out in the future? Let us know in the comment section at the bottom of this page.


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