We Are 30+

Vericant is proud to announce that we now have the privilege of working with 30 American and Canadian independent schools to help identify qualified Chinese applicants through video interviews!

Here’s a brief profile of our member schools:

  • 28 American and 2 Canadian
  • 28 Boarding Schools & 2 Day Schools
  • 7 Girls, 2 Boys, 1 Military, & 20 Co-ed
Who Are Vericant’s Partner Schools?

Here they are, from A-W!

  1. Asheville School
  2. Bolles School
  3. Brimmer and May
  4. Bullis School
  5. Concord Academy
  6. Dana Hall
  7. Dunn School
  8. Emma Willard School
  9. The Ethel Walker School
  10. Fryeburg Academy
  11. Hawaiʻi Preparatory Academy
  12. The Hun School of Princeton
  13. The Knox School
  14. Linden Hall School
  15. The Madeira School
  16. The Masters School
  17. The Midland School
  18. Miss Porter’s School
  19. Monte Vista Christian School
  20. New Hampton School
  21. Randolph-Macon Academy
  22. Saint James School
  23. Sandy Spring Friends School
  24. South Kent School
  25. St. Andrew’s College
  26. St. Michael’s University School
  27. Stevenson School
  28. The Webb Schools
  29. The Westover School
  30. The Williston Northampton School


Our membership is rapidly expanding, and as always, we love the opportunity to chat about the challenges and rewards of China Admissions. We’re not agents, we’re not education consultants, we’re just interested in transforming the China admissions landscape.

Curious to see how and why our partner schools work with us? Find out in 1:56 minutes with our explainer video, or contact us for a demo. Got any hard-hitting questions? We welcome your concerns and address them in our FAQ.


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