Every fall is heavy interview season for the Vericant Operations team. My desk’s location and my line of work both make me feel like “a lone ranger” around this time of the year. But my loneliness is offset by an outsider’s view of the Ops team’s remarkable work.

As I try to stay out of their way, I’m always impressed by them “doing their thing.” Their thing? Creating and maintaining the logistics for administering thousands of face-to-face video interviews in 13 Mainland Chinese cities, as well as in Hong Kong, Taipei, and Seoul.

Even I was a part of Operations last year. Since then, we’ve added many full-time and several part-time team members who’ve gone on to replace me. The team’s growth marks an exciting time at Vericant as we build the capacity to fulfill interview requests from our increasing number of Partner Institutions.

Every day at 11:30am, the Ops team huddles together to discuss upcoming schedules and lingering issues. Meeting sizes tend to fluctuate as folks hit the road for interviewing.

Whatever it is that they discuss behind our glass walls, it’s leading to well-executed behavioral interviews, accurate spoken English evaluation, and splendid teamwork.


Do you have questions for the Ops team? Suggestions? What secretly impresses you in your workplace? Let me know in the comment section below!


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