In the 2010-2011 school year, China sent over 158,000 students to the US for overseas study.  While Chinese students and families have spent the past decade getting to know about American schools and American-style education, relatively fewer Americans know what education is like for China’s learners.

This infographic, compiled by OnlineUniversityRankings, compares American and Chinese education, and in the process presents some familiar and unfamiliar data about Chinese students, education systems and spending, and overseas study.  Condensing these statistics together can present an oversimplified view of American vs. Chinese education, but these numbers do tell an interesting story about the economy of education for China and America.

Points of interest:
  • Chinese children usually start formal education at age 2; American children start kindergarten at age 5
  • Metropolitan China (Shanghai) outperforms the world’s 15-year olds in reading and math
  • 300% increase since 1998 in CN’s GDP devoted to education
  • 1 US student studies in China for every 10 Chinese students in America
  • in 2009, there were over 60,000 American college & university enrollments to study Chinese

For the full-sized version, click on the image, then click on the expander button on the top right again.


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