What’s up with Chinese high schools’ names?

e.g. Why are high schools named like “No. 2 High School of East China Normal University” What’s with the numbers? How/why is it attached or affiliated with universities? Includes China’s history, education structure, etc.  

The Ongoing Guide to Mandarin Chinese Slang on US Admissions

SHORT INTRO HERE (what this is and why it was created) Add Pinyin Some need to be explained better. For example, why does Leek mean congratulations? English Translation, Chinese Pinyin, Chinese characters – Short definition + context if necessary. Example sentence would be awesome. Application AO = Admission Officer 烤鸭 (literally meaning “roast duck”) or […]

All eyes on the economy

This month we have talked to many people across secondary and post-secondary education and all have the same question: “How are the changes in the Chinese economy going to impact the number of Chinese applicants choosing to study abroad?” Based on our observations in China, we think that in the short term there won’t be […]