What do Chinese parents think about before sending their only child to the United States? What benefits does a U.S. education bring and what kind of future do parents envision for their child? We spoke with a Chinese mother to find out.

Why are you considering a U.S. boarding school?

I believe if my son studies at a U.S. boarding school, he will eventually get into a good U.S. college. The earlier he goes abroad, the easier it will be for him to adopt the language and understand the culture. Also, studying English in the U.S. is more efficient and possibly cheaper than in China.

 How does U.S. education differ from Chinese education?

Chinese students are not encouraged to think creatively or independently. One reason is because Chinese kids spend most of their time preparing for the Gaokao, China’s national college entrance exam. This leaves them with no time to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports or arts. Teachers are also trained to teach students how to memorize textbooks. The teachers tell students the right answers without giving the opportunity to think through the questions themselves.

What do Chinese parents worry about?

Many Chinese parents worry that when their child goes abroad, they will adopt the modern Western culture portrayed in popular media. The biggest concerns include sex, drugs and gun violence. It is very important Chinese parents feel confident the US school will take excellent care of their child.

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