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Company retreats might frighten those who have to organize, and worry those who must attend. “Required Fun”, some call it, especially when the typical Great Wall visit involves this: Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 10.18.34 AM

But what if you headed to hidden parts of the Great Wall, serene and rugged sections nestled into the hills? It turns a ho-hum company retreat into an amazing day of hiking, team building, and a feast in a local Chinese village.


Last Friday was our first-ever full team company retreat where we took a day off work and spent the day:

1) Getting to know two unfamiliar faces

•Daniel, our US Partnership Director, who arrived  for a week-long visit to our Beijing headquarters. 

•Apple, our new China Customer Relationship Manager. Welcome to Vericant, Apple!  Screen Shot 2013-12-09 at 9.32.24 AM

2) Getting a macro-level view of what guides our company to deliver our best, from high on the wall! Vericant’s Guiding Principles cover a diverse range of topics, like procedures, time management, and working habits.



3) Discovering each other’s hidden talents, skills, and other facts through a Vericant Trivia played throughout the day.

Highlights about the Vericant Team include:

• Diving with dolphins at Beijing’s Aquarium

• A 38″ vertical in high school

• Living in Costa Rica for a year

• Waking up at 7am every morning to play badminton

• Being charged at by a bull elephant

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 7.48.48 AM

4) Lastly, we headed back to town to take advantage of a foot massage to rest our weary legs.

Have you had any memorable team excursions? Any suggestions for our next one?

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