Successful admissions work includes a solid understanding of applicants’ experiences during the admissions process and what information they receive.

That’s why I downloaded EducationUSA China’s new smartphone app to explore it and give you a sneak peek!

EducationUSA provides information to international students who’re interested in studying in the US. It also supports US higher education professionals with finding, evaluating, and welcoming international students.

A joint project between the US Government and the US Embassy in Beijing,

“The EducationUSA Virtual Adviser Mobile App, which is in Chinese, has rich information, helpful tools and a consulting program called ‘Five Steps to US Study’ to help Chinese students research and choose US schools, complete their college applications, apply for student visas and prepare for their departure to the US, said the ambassador. The app, which is a part of the new digital outreach platforms launched by the EducationUSA China office, is free for download on both Android and iPhone devices.”

Here’s a limited look at the app and some of what it offers Chinese students.

Welcome Screen


Top row, left-to-right: Table of contents, virtual advisor

Bottom row, left-to-right: About us, news and events, tools and links


Table of Contents

Introductory video, 5 step application process summaries for undergrad & graduate levels, improving English studies, etc.

Study Abroad News

EducationUSA Virtual Advisor official goes online, WPI info sessions in Beijing/Shanghai/Hangzhou, etc.

Advisor Survey

Have you ever studied in the United States?

What kind of education are you interested in? (Undergrad, English study, etc.)

Which subject(s) are you interested in? (Business, engineering, medicine, etc.)

Which region(s) in the United States would you like to study in? (North, south, northwest, west)


I encourage you to explore the app yourself, even if you can’t read Mandarin Chinese.

As of June 9th, 2015, it’s only available for the Android platform though.

  • On your phone/tablet: Visit this link, open the file that is downloaded, and install the app.
  • On a desktop/laptop computer: Visit this link, move the downloaded file to your phone, open the file, and install the app.


  1. says

    Thank you for sharing that app! I would love to be available for Chinese students if they would like further assistance with finding and applying to US colleges and universities. Also, I can assist them in finding boarding schools (high schools).

    Do you have any helpful hints on how I can reach Chinese students and their families? I pride myself on giving my clients highly personalized attention, at a reasonable price.

    And thanks again for sharing – this looks like a really great tool!


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