Every Friday, we will find and share a photograph of contemporary China.  Photos taken by others will be duly credited, but keep your eye out for pictures that we’ve taken ourselves, as each member of our team go about our daily lives here in Beijing.

Today we have a series of photos of recent college graduates who participated in a viral campaign in May called “Share your biggest regrets in college,” started by Renren (China’s Facebook).

  1. Never been in a relationship
  2. Never failed an exam
  3. Failed to lose weight
  4. Never been drunk


Failed to Build Pecs

Never Tried Being Gay

  1. Never studied long hours at the library
  2. Never sincerely loved a girl
  3. Still don’t know what I want after graduation…
  4. Still cannot fly

You can see more examples of pictures shared by recent college grads online at Alia’s post on Offbeat China.

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