This week’s FotoFriday we… got lazy and turned to a Bejing-based blog for our pictures. Beijing Cream, a China-stories blog usually not for the faint of heart, shared some interesting pictures of Tian’anmen Square before and during this year’s week-long holiday celebrating China’s National Day (also known as Golden Week).

One picture in particular, of dozens of black Audis parked outside of the Great Hall of the People, caught my attention, make me wish I had biked the 20 minutes or so from my apartment to Tian’anmen Square to see the sight in person. (The Great Hall of the People is the meeting place of the National People’s Congress, the Chinese parliament.)

Source: Alicia L., contributor to Beijing Cream

And merely a few days later… crowds of tourists to the nation’s capital mill around in the same space, feeling hot under the sun…

…and taking pictures.

Source: Kris Pickett, Beijing Cream

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