Goodbye Kequan!

No, we’re not losing him for good. Our expert video editor, Kequan, is returning to his hometown for the month of May. He’ll be studying English every day from 9am-4pm at Nanyang Normal University.

During the recent admissions cycle, Kequan’s overall English ability skyrocketed. The entire Vericant team is anxious to see how much he will improve his skills during his time away.

But there wasn’t any way we were going to simply let him off the hook and say, “Bye!  See you in a month!”  We wanted to film him before his departure so that he could see his own improvement.

View the video above to meet Kequan and check out his speaking abilities. What Spoken English Evaluation (SEE) score do you think he’d receive?

一会儿见 Kequan!

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