Lily, our superstar CRM/Operations lead, talks with many Chinese parents every week. The Vericant Interview’s benefits are obvious to us and our 80+ Vericant Partner Institutions, but we do have to contact Chinese parents to explain why our interview is the best platform for their children to shine.

Her outreach with parents has revealed behavioral differences across China during the admissions season. Here’s what she’s discovered:


Countrywide: As expected, any parent from any area of China is unhappy if his/her child doesn’t receive a single offer. Parents invest lots of time and money into the admissions game, so by the end of the process, it can be difficult for them to see any of their own errors that might’ve led to the lack of offers. It’s often easier for them to blame the school or Vericant.


Shanghai:Vericant isn’t a consultancy, but the Vericant Interview does help applicants show their true selves to admissions officers. Compared to other regions, fast-paced Shanghainese seem to be less likely to shoot us a quick “thanks” after receiving schools’ offers.


Northern China:  Northerners are thankful to Vericant a majority of the time.






Southern China:   Folks from Guangzhou and the rest of China’s southern region are also thankful for the Vericant Interview opportunity. However, their quest to develop a future for themselves & their family makes them less interested to chat with us on the phone than Beijingers seem to be.



Have you been in China admissions long enough to discover your own patterns? Disagree with Lily’s thoughts? Add your comment below!

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