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Inside China Ed – November Edition

Time is precious, and it’s hard to keep up with China’s evolving relationship with U.S. schools. This is why starting this December, we’ll be sending regular updates, selected from news sources around the web.

As Chinese students flock to the U.S. at increasingly younger ages, many wonder how the experience will change them. Two documentary projects  started independently by Chinese students will offer a glimpse of their lives and aspirations; meanwhile, an American boarding school teacher offers a thrilling theory about the positive, revolutionizing effects of an American education on the One-Child generation of modern China.

Yet, American campuses face challenges like “neo-racism” in absorbing Chinese students, as both international and domestic students bring mixed bags of racial and cultural stereotypes to the campus.

Opinions differ on how these study-abroad experiences will affect students, but one thing is certain: a younger generation of Chinese is generally more optimistic about education and work opportunities outside of China.


Chinese Students’ Perspective

Student Documents Lives of Peers in U.S. – Unsure of what studying abroad will ultimately mean, Liu Hainan set out to record the experiences of his peers on his camera.

“Why On Earth Do We Want to Go Abroad?” – A group of Shanghai high schoolers, soon to go abroad for university, embarks on a 4-year documentary project to defend and explain their dreams and aspirations.

In the U.S.

Seeds of Chinese Liberalization, Made in America – Chinese students studying in America by the hundreds of thousands, then going home bearing Western ideas. This is Fred Zilian’s vision of the future of China’s love affair with American schools.

Nothing New to See Chinese Educated In the U.S. – Not everyone agrees with Fred Zilian.

Wary of Future, Professionals Leave China – Although China’s economic boom has created millions of well-paying jobs, its skilled workers are moving elsewhere, in search of better quality of life, and religious and political freedoms.

Tensions Simmer Between U.S. & Int’l Students – “I’m not racist, but…” As international enrollment rises at American schools across the country, issues of discrimination hamper campus integration.

Foreign Students and Tolerance – As international students become a larger population of American colleges, understanding – and dealing with – racial discrimination is needed for campuses to offer a truly diverse environment.

Other Relevant Articles

Slacking Cheaters Harm Everybody’s Chances – Two opinionators debate the faked applications phenomenon and implications for Chinese students. Opposite viewpoint below.

Blame System, Not Students – Opposing viewpoint: Chinese students come into application process as outsiders. Fierce competition and existing system, lies at the root of the cheating.

Ministry Mulls Power to Ban Student Recruitment Agents – New regulations being considered by China’s Ministry of Education may tighten services provided by international student recruitment agents.


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