Vericant’s Chinese applicant video interviews help independent schools identify qualified applicants from mainland China, but we also provide a level playing field for Chinese students seeking to study abroad.  Chris Boehner, the Executive Director of Vericant, will be holding a webinar for Chinese students and families on September 23rd to talk about student interview in the application process.   The webinar is a good chance for students to learn more about interview do’s and don’ts, to understand what schools are looking for in applicant interviews, to understand why the Vericant interview is a third-party interview, and why Chinese students should sit an independent third-party interview. Webinar with Chris Boehner: How to Prepare for an Interview (note: link to Chinese webpage)


The live webinar will be hosted by  Chris Boehner will present (in English) for 30 minutes; then participants will submit questions live for Chris to answer.

  1. What an interview is and is not
  2. Why are interviews important?  What do schools want to see from an interview?
  3. What is a “third-party interview”?  Why do Chinese students need to start taking these interviews?
  4. Some examples of interviews

September 23rd, 2012
9-10pm Beijing Time (9-10am EST)


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