Empathy goes a really long way.

If you don’t have the pleasure of traveling abroad often, it’s easy to forget how intimidating a foreign culture can be. Think about how that feeling would compound if you’re sending your only child abroad.

Want to get an idea of how that might feel? Let’s conduct a quick experiment:

Let’s say you want to help your son or daughter apply to study abroad at Peking University, China’s “Harvard”.  Before clicking the link below, resist the urge to push the English button. It’s going to be really tempting, but since you probably don’t have a Chinese link on your homepage, promise you won’t.


Now–without pushing the English button–navigate to the section to learn more about applying as an international student.

Daunting, isn’t it?



  1. says

    Great excercise Chris. It makes it very clear that even with a firm grasp of English a Chinese parent is likely to engage an ‘expert’ to help them through a school’s admission process.

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