This past weekend in Beijing, Vericant kicked off its first Summer Event of 2013. We invited Prep Beijing! to come and give a talk for students recently admitted to boarding schools overseas. The information session, titled “How to Make the Most of Your First 100 Days Overseas,” was prepared by Prep Beijing! founders Dr. Jenny Hayward and Alicia Lui. They shared insights with over 30 parents and students in attendance on what to expect of their first three months overseas and how to prepare for their upcoming transition into a new academic and social environment.

5 Essentials In this Major Transition:
  1. The Art of Making a Great First Impression
  2. Independence & Community Life
  3. The Emotional Journey Behind the Physical Journey
  4. Practical Life Skills for the New Environment
  5. Non-Academic Activities




Vericant co-founder Guy Sivan was also present to speak with parents and students about the journey overseas.


Guy, Jenny, and Alicia all grew up in Hong Kong and attended American private universities, and have extensive experience working and socializing in multi-cultural environments.

About Prep Beijing!

Prep Beijing! prepares teenage students for the emotional and social challenges of adjusting to a new academic environment, whether it be for boarding school overseas or a new international school in Beijing. Tailored specifically for Chinese teenagers and rooted in the field of Emotional and Social Intelligence, Prep Beijing! help students develop core emotional and social skills like self-awareness, non-verbal communication, teamwork, conflict resolution, and Western etiquette.



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