We’re thrilled to featured in TechRice (covering tech in China) by the site’s co-founder and editor, Kai Lukoff.

Just a few excerpts:

For tiger mothers, a university degree from America is the gold standard of parenting achievement. As Chinese get rich, applications to US schools have soared. For US schools, it’s at once a huge opportunity (most international students pay full tuition) and a daunting challenge for the admissions office.

One of these challenges, of course, is application fraud problem first and succinctly captured in “The China Conundrum” (NY Times, Nov. 2011).

But even in an honest application, it can be difficult for a US schools to assess the ‘soft skills’ of an applicant. A Chinese student will arrive in Ohio who’s aced the TOEFL, but will still lack the social and language skills to join in classroom discussions.

But with Vericant’s in-person video interviews…

Now the admissions officer in Ohio has a chance to go beyond the paper version and meet the real Zhang Nan from Wuhan, China. Maybe she discovers that he stares at his shoes and responds in stunted English. Or maybe she discovers that he’s actually a real talkaholic who quotes Dr. Dre just as quickly as he solves differential equations.

Of course, when it comes to soft skills, Vericant’s own international team has a keen understanding of the need to communicate effectively in a cross-cultural context. “Westerners need to listen, Chinese need to speak,” says our co-founder Guy Sivan.

Those familiar with our service may ask why we were spotlighted on a site devoted to tech in China (be they start-ups or internet giants). The Vericant Online Portal, through which partner schools request and view applicants’ video interviews and writing samples, is in fact a core part of our service. It is a streamlined platform designed by our ‘tech guys’ Guy Sivan and Ernest French to help admissions officers easily access and view students videos online, anywhere, any time.

And then there’s this:

Wannabe startup founders should study Vericants stamina. … Vericant has embraced a messy, tedious idea and invested years to build out its solution, with many more to go. It’s a level of commitment that fly-by-night founders should learn from.

Aww, Kai, we’re blushing.

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