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Some need to be explained better. For example, why does Leek mean congratulations?

English Translation, Chinese Pinyin, Chinese characters – Short definition + context if necessary. Example sentence would be awesome.


AO = Admission Officer

烤鸭 (literally meaning “roast duck”) or 全聚德 (name of a famous roast duck restaurant in China) = applicant is rejected by all of the schools applied to

大葱 (literally meaning “leek”) = Congratulations!

EC = Extra curricular (activities)

ED = Early Decision

FA = Financial Aid

FC = Family’s income

一般申的时候不指遗产 指家庭背景 = Legacy

OC = On-campus interview 刀削面

OG = Official Guide

鸭梨 or 亚历山大 = Pressure

RD = Regular Decision

rej = Rejection

T[xxx] or  t[xxx] = Toefl score of [xxx], e.g. “I got T105” = “I got 105 on my Toefl”

S[xxx] or  s[xxx] = SAT (SSAT?) score of [xxx], e.g. “I got S2200” = “I got 2200 on my SSAT/SAT”

面霸 = Students who are good at interviews


V面试 = Vericant Interview

V = Vericant

WC or 野鸡 = Wild chicken, referring to lower tier schools that accept many Chinese students


大学预修课程 = AP

托福网考 = IBT

Secondary School Admission Test or 美国高中的入学测试 = SSAT Test

The GRE test is often mentioned on internet message boards because GRE test prep materials are frequently used for SSAT practice.

US Schools

十校联盟 = Big Ten

TSAO = Ten Schools Admission Organization, Big Ten’s official name

CK = Cranbrook Kingswood

DA = Deerfield Academy

HKiss or HOTCH or 热吻 = Hotchkiss School

ISS = Indian Spring School

l’vile = Lawerenceville Schools

LC = Loomis Chaffee

MPS = Miss Porters School

魔堡 = Mercersburg

MX or 中性 = Middlesex School

NMH or 北野山 = Northfield Mount Hermon

PA = Philips Academy Andover

PEA = Philips Exeter Academy

SGS = St. George School

SPS = St. Paul School

SAS or 圣安德鲁斯 = St. Andrew’s School


面筋/面经 = Interview tips

某书商 = Kaplan

全美第一的补习机构? = Princeton Review

机经 = 鸡精 以前考过的题的回忆 Individual notes from past test experiences

红宝 = 俞敏洪编的词汇书  Popular test prep book with red cover

绿宝 = 俞敏洪的乱序词汇书  Popular test prep book with green cover

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