As the Vericant team heads into our second year, we’ve been delighted to receive positive feedback from not only our partner schools, but also from our interviewees and their families who have been extremely happy with our interviews (see their testimonials on our Reviews page).

We’re also thrilled to discover that we’re making a difference in the local education consulting industry as well.  Recently, we came across mentions of Vericant in this blogpost on Renren*, written by an independent education consultant. In the post, he addresses the issue of how to choose reliable consultants from the hundreds of untrustworthy agents out there, and also explains the steps and rationale behind his own consulting practice (help with school selection, visa consultancy and application preparation).  In a frank manner, the consultant also states what he won’t do for students (write fake resume and recommendation), and why.


因此,我需要与我合作的客户都要答应我提供的信息全部真实准确而我有足够的经验、自信和资源帮你成功申请。” (bolded section theirs)

Translation: A lot of US schools are discovering the widespread application fraud problem and are seeking solutions for this. Under such circumstances, a new industry has appeared: consulting companies that stand on the schools’ side (mirroring agents who help students navigate the application process). These companies help US school pre-screen their Chinese applicants. Vericant is a good example.

Therefore, I need my clients to promise that the information they provide me is completely accurate. In return, I will help you successfully apply to US schools based on my experience, confidences, and resources.

Though this is the stance of  one consultant among many, it’s heartening to see signs that there are agents here in China committed to helping their students honestly and ethically through the application process. One of Vericant’s long-term goals is to help level the playing field for Chinese students, and we’re excited to see that our service is effecting change in the application fraud phenomenon.

While we are committed to helping schools identify qualified applicants, we also do a number of specific things to help transform the application and admissions process for Chinese students and families:

  • We regularly blog about the US admissions process on our Chinese website; we provide an unbiased perspective on the application process so that students and parents feel confident in the information and advice they receive.
  • Our interviews challenges consultants and agents in China to engage in more honest practice when it comes to advising their students.
  • Through our partnership with AdmissionsQuest, we translate and provide reliable information about our partner schools on our Chinese website.  This service is free of charge and is meant to help students find the right fit for them.

* Renren is China’s version of Facebook, which is blocked in mainland China.  Many students who go abroad acquire a Facebook account with which they socialize with English-speaking friends and acquaintances, but continue to be active on Renren with their Chinese friends and family.

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