Vericant co-founder and China Director Kelly Yang was in the great city of St. Louis, Missouri this past Monday to speak to workshop attendees at NAFSA (Association of International Educators) about international enrollment management in China.

Workshop Title: Effective Ways to Approach International Student Recruitment in China


  • Clay T. Hensley (Director of International Strategy & Relationships, College Board)
  • Sid Krommenhoek (Zinch Founder and Chegg Int’l Business Leader)
  • David Joiner (Director for Global Engagement, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  • Kelly Yang (China Director, Vericant)



 Kelly Yang, Vericant China Director, presenting on Chinese applicants and what informs their decision-making in exploring higher-ed options abroad.

The 4 panelists discussed strategies for recruiting and enrolling undergraduate applicants from China, increasing outreach and expanding institutional profiles within mainland China, as well as understanding what impacts student decision-making in China as applicants consider high-ed options abroad.

Then on Wednesday, Kelly, Sid, and David regrouped for an hour-long session, “Effectively and Powerfully Communicating with Prospective Chinese Students.” Speaking to a packed room, they introduced Chinese student culture, and discussed ways to attract and help prospective students through the application process to enrollment.


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