Mobile apps, Twitter cards, video SEO, and click maps. The digital marketing world offers a dizzying array of ways to plan, institute, and tweak communications with target audiences.

But there’s still a place for good ol’ print marketing! Over the last year, Vericant has made several appearances in China’s Studying Abroad (留学) Magazine.

I’ve got to say, it’s fun to hold a magazine and see Vericant team members right there in print. 留学 is a perfect place for us to tell applicants and families that the Vericant Interview is the best way for applicants’ personalities and skills to shine through to admissions officers.

Many Chinese education agencies are trying to be the place for study abroad news and information. 留学 Magazine seems to be doing a good job at forging their own path in delivering information to Chinese families.


Our full page ad on the back cover


A profile of Chris


Kelly’s September presentation to students and parents at Due West Education ( The article’s title says “Admissions offices only like to see the real you”



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