Yesterday the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) published an article on their blog written by our very own Chris Boehner.  It’s called “China Clarified: What Every IEC Should Know about Serving Families in China” and it really goes a long way towards explaining why China’s education industry is the way it is… and what this means for independent education consultants (IECs) working outside of China.

If you haven’t had a chance to read it, here’s a quick summary of the points covered:

Chinese families increasingly hope to send their children abroad…
  • to escape the high pressure, creativity-draining Gaokao-oriented education system
  • to escape a fast-paced, modern China fraught with education-related scams (have you seen the shocking report from The Economist about China’s fake degrees?)
Ironically, to do so, families must resort to their own form of fraud…

…which has its roots in the nature of Chinese education and assessment. In order to satisfy application requirements and navigate the application process, families must rely heavily on agents, who compete with each other to promise increasingly outlandish – not to mention unethical – results.

Simply put, applicant materials from China are falsified because Chinese applicants often have no other choice.

At the end of the article, Chris talks about what this means for IECs outside of China and the challenges they face, and he has a number of suggestions for IECs who are working for Chinese applicants for the first time.

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