That’s easy! The one that always selects the right applicants.

Who are the right applicants? They are the ones just glowing with personality and drive that resonates with your school’s character and mission. These are the ones you know will enroll and will quickly become strong contributors to your school community.

When you walk into the teachers lounge in September, these are the students that will net you high-fives and pats on the back.

You’re likely already pretty good at this, otherwise you would be out of a job. When assessing your domestic applicants, you have great information at your finger tips. Things like teacher recommendations, transcripts and a familiarity with the academic rigor of their current school. Also, you likely come from a similar culture and can weave together a reliable idea of an applicant’s background and abilities.

What if you had the same ability to consistently select and yield the best Chinese applicants?

For a growing number of schools, Vericant is helping admission officers look remarkable by increasing the quality of their China acceptances and increasing yield.

Here’s all you need to know about us:

Vericant is:

  • An independent, third-party organization
  • An online video interview service
  • A closer look at Chinese applicants

Simply put, we meet your Chinese applicants… you watch the interview.

We’re not agents; we don’t coach students and we work only within a school’s applicant pool.  Our founding schools have found us to be an effective pre-screening and management tool (you can see what they say about us on our Testimonials Page).

But what distinguishes us from other video interview services?  We are less service and more partner.  We’re in the business of helping you understand and manage China, making you look really good each time you step into a Board of Trustees meeting or the teachers lounge.

Here’s how we make you look remarkable:

  • Increasing Transparency in the application process
  • High Quality videos and service
  • Behavioral-based Interview Model
  • Sharing our knowledge about China and its education system


Vericant’s interviews help you cross the globe on your own schedule and in a verified environment. Our commitment to verification means you won’t have to worry about hired test-takers, falsified transcripts and other education-related fraud.

  • Confidence in admitting your Chinese applicants – who you see is who you get
  • A personal look at each applicant – easily select top candidates


Our online videos give you a reliable, clear picture of each student. When we say clear, we really mean clear. Just register for a live demo to see what we mean.
  • More reliable than Skype – no more dropped calls
  • No time difference – review applicants online at your convenience, anywhere in the world

Interview Model

We believe that schools know an outstanding student when they see one, and our interviews are designed to elicit different aspects of a student’s personality.  Questions in increasing levels of complexity reveal a student’s personality, showcasing their analytical, creative, and practical abilities.

  • Objective interview methods – access different kinds of intelligence
  • Experience & knowledge of best interview methods for Chinese candidates


And finally, we provide a lens for an unfiltered look into China.  By learning more about China, you may better understand your applicants, identify top candidates and increase yield.

  • We survey and track changes in China’s education environment
  • We decode perspectives of Chinese parents and students – and convey them to you

So what?

We help you to know your Chinese applicants, leading to more effective enrollment management, and more certainty in your acceptance decisions.

China admissions may be a vast and complicated terrain, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery.  Vericant is in China 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  We are your “boots on the ground,” giving you a better look and connection with the Chinese students pursuing admissions at your school.


If you haven’t met us yet, get to know us at Vericant’s Team page.  Whether or not you are considering a partnership with Vericant, we have tons of great China information here at our blog and in our Newsletter. Best of all, it’s free of charge!  You can also subscribe to our RSS, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for the latest news.

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