Have you always wanted to know why and how Vericant started? Well here’s your chance. Vericant CEO Chris Boehner shared our origins and how we built our organization from scratch in a recent interview with international higher education expert, Dr. Rahul Choudaha, also known as “Dr. Education”.

As Dr. Choudaha’s own work can attest, an increasingly interconnected globe has exciting prospects for students and educational professionals. For Chris,

Our vision is to have interviews regain prominence in the admissions process. For many admission offices, interviews were likely cut because they were too resource intensive. Technology can solve this issue and allow admission officers to see beyond numbers and an application. For us this means continual innovation to make video interviewing efficient and an effective evaluation tool for both applicants and schools.

As Vericant or any organization grows, it can be difficult to remained focused on its core offering.

After testing different solutions, we determined there was no substitute for meeting each applicant.

This irreplaceable face-to-face experience is what drove Chris those 3,000 miles in a rented Prius and is still the core offering that drives our work to this day.

What are your secrets for being involved in international education? The problems you’ve faced in building an organization? Let us know in the comment section below!

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