You might wonder why the Vericant Interview focuses so much on students’ personalities rather than just their academic record. As anyone knows who has spent a semester or a year studying in another country, studying abroad can be a life-changing experience. What you get from the experience isn’t just what your destination has to offer, but also what you’re ready to get out of it.

The experience leaves an deeper imprint when you’re spending not just a year, but four years abroad. For the past decade, that’s what a lot of Chinese students have been doing at the college level. Now, with kids as young as 12 looking across the waters at the high school experience, schools have to consider a lot more in the student than just academic track record.

Leaving home for the first time to encounter new ideas and new cultures is both exciting and challenging. How much more so when you’re still a teenager just starting to figure yourself out?

Schools look for a degree of independent thought, resilience and maturity alongside academic performance, because they know that being away from home for such a long time is really, really tough. If Chinese families are serious about sending their only child abroad, they too have to examine the school for the right fit.

This is why Vericant’s interviews emphasize the importance of showcasing a student’s personality. Our interview questions offer a penetrating look into a student’s personality, adding verified information on top of their stellar academic and extracurricular records.

Too often we think of studying abroad as just an educational experience that also broadens cultural perspective, as an end rather than a journey. But let’s not underestimate the role that personality can play in the study-abroad experience as well, or the role that the study abroad experience can play in shaping personality, especially at a time of life that is as formative as high school.


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