AI Insights✨™

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Harness the awesome power of Vericant's AI suite for your interviews and writing samples to speed up the review process, foster intradepartmental communication, and identify top candidates.

Get Magic Powers!

AI Insights™ is powered by cutting-edge technology that give admissions teams the tools to work more intelligently and collaboratively, while delivering standardization in the review process.

Optimized full transcript

Clean, concise transcripts of the entire interview. Every section is marked with clickable time markers, allowing officers to seamlessly transition to any segment of the video interview.

  • Improve the accuracy of record-keeping and interview analysis.
  • Enhance the efficiency of review processes by allowing quick access to specific parts of the interview.

AI Insights

Take fewer notes! Let Vericant's AI summarize the interviews and writing sample. This allows you to review applicants up to 30x faster.

  • Leverage the power of AI to generate concise summaries.
  • Get critical information fast and accurately.
  • Focus on top applicants.

Key Points

Instantly identify key themes discussed during the interview.

  • Get context fast with a quick breakdown and immediately identify key themes.

Topic identification

A comprehensive breakdown of the interview, providing depth and clarity. Match applicants better and faster.

  • Detailed analysis with the main points of the interview.
  • Save time and complement your notes with a breakdown of the most important ideas of the interview.

Review applicant interviews up to

30x faster with AI Insights

and unlock your admission team's potential, today.