At Notre Dame we don’t offer on-campus interviews or alumni interviews so we really encourage students from mainland China to do a Vericant Interview. This allows you to show us your English skills…talk a little bit more about yourself and add a little dynamic part to your application.

Julie Moloney

Director of International Admissions, University of Notre Dame

I love to see Vericant interviews… Having an interview from Vericant is something that we look forward to because we are actually able to look at the student as they’re communicating and having that sort of personal touch to an application helps us with our decision making process.

Jennifer Simons

Former Director of International Recruitment, Northeastern University/Tufts University

Having a presence on the ground who can be physically there and checking identification and verifying the student’s identity is very helpful… And, as much as we would love to sit down and interview every single applicant, we don’t have that ability. And so, having an opportunity to collaborate with another organization just gives us the ability to service more students.

Jen Mathews

Senior Associate Director of International Admissions, Syracuse University

Vericant interviews are ten minutes. Frankly, I think the interview techniques are better than what I’m using in our office. I was intrigued with the questions. They aren’t these sort of pre-form questions that kids can always expect and plan for.

Leo Marshall

Former Director of Admissions, The Webb Schools

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