Graduate Institutions

Program specific interviews

The Vericant Graduate Interview is designed to match applicants with programs. Optionally, institutions are able to tailor the interview to meet their needs.

Match applicants to your unique program

Our secure interviews can complete 2 parts of the application in 1 exam. However, our graduate level interview has the ability for further customization, especially if sponsored by the institution. Here’s a breakdown of what happens during the Vericant Interview and Writing Sample:

The Graduate Vericant Interview

This 16-18 minute session uses behavioral questions similar to those in K-12 and undergraduate interviews. For institution-sponsored interviews, we can tailor and create program-specific sessions to better match applicants to programs.

The Graduate Vericant Writing Sample

A 30-minute typed essay assesses an applicant’s English writing skills, offering a choice between an analytical or practical prompt. For in-person tests, desktop computers are available at select locations.

Partner institutions are able to confidently require a secure interview solution that is specific to their program needs. Optionally, the Vericant Writing Sample can be included to better understand applicant motivations, character, and writing abilities.

Tools for getting data, faster

AI Insights

Speeds up review process with full transcripts, summaries, and topic tags, improving overall yield.

Spoken English Evaluation

Trusted rubric in identifying applicants with sufficient spoken abilities for program success.

Vericant Portal

An applicant management system, streamlining admissions with Slate integration.

Writing Sample Evaluation

Enhances security and confirms an applicant's writing abilities for a more holistic review.

The Vericant Interview for graduate admissions

By offering detailed insights into applicants’ communication skills and personal attributes, our interviews and writing samples are designed to complement your admissions process, providing a clearer picture of each candidate and giving confidence in admissions decisions. The interview consists of a 16-18 minute session.

Warm up

Before camera starts ~ 5 min

Picture question

00:00 - 03:00

In-depth question

03:00 - 08:00

Spotlight question

08:00 - 12:00

Study abroad question

12:00 - 16:00

Free speech

2 min max

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They (Vericant Interviews) provide a more detailed and well-rounded view of all of our applicants.We just don’t have the bandwidth and the ability to interview every single student and it would be unfair to only interview a select number.

Greg Dellorco
Assoc. Dir. of Admissions for Specialized Entry Programs

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