Spoken English Evaluation Diagnostic (SEED)

Know how to improve

The SEED is an optional add-on for VPI and Checkpoint Interviews to give applicants a detailed understanding of their strengths and weaknesses of their spoken English.

Get a SEED of your progress, and watch it grow!

Receive detailed, personalized feedback on your performance, highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement in the 5 categories of Vericant’s rubric.

Category score range

See your performance for each category of your Vericant Interview SEE score: Linguistic Range, Grammatical Accuracy, Fluency, Spoken Interaction, and Coherence. Use this information to guide your areas of focus in order to prepare for the official interview or your next Vericant Pre-Interview.

Personalized feedback

Obtain insights into your strengths and areas for improvement across all five categories, along with practical advice tailored to your skill level, and personalized feedback from a Vericant rating team expert. Utilize this valuable information to refine and enhance your capabilities in the competency areas that matter most to you.

Error analysis

Get an in-depth look at your Range and Accuracy scores through a comprehensive review, pinpointing areas needing improvement, offering tailored suggestions for enhancement, and providing strategic advice on focusing your practice and development efforts.

Learn from your experience!

Review your PSEE score, or understand your performance in detail using the optional SEED

Frequently asked questions

The SEE Diagnostic is an add-on to the K-12 Vericant Pre-Interview and can be purchased anytime, before or after your K-12 Vericant Pre-Interview.

You can:

  • Purchase SEED as an add-on when you purchase the Vericant Pre-Interview package
  • Get SEED included when you purchase the Vericant Pre-Interview Standard or Deluxe package
  • Purchase SEED as an upgrade anytime through your Vericant student dashboard

The diagnostic will be delivered as a PDF file to your student dashboard 5 working days after your PSEE report is delivered. If the SEE Diagnostic is purchased after the PSEE report is delivered, the SEE Diagnostic will be delivered 5 working days after purchase date.

To receive your booklet faster, you can upgrade to fast delivery for both your PSEE score and your SEE Diagnostic. Learn more on Pricing.

I think that the Vericant Pre-Interview gave me the chance to speak one-on-one with a real interviewer. This experience is hard to come by. No matter how much I prepared beforehand, if I didn’t really sit down in the room and talk to the interviewer, I probably would’ve been afraid of the unknown until the actual interview.

Tony Zhang
Admitted to Baylor School

Practice makes perfect!

Get a SEED and grow your spoken English skills.