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Vericant aims to provide a convenient and secure interview environment for domestic or international applicants, striving to provide a genuine spoken English sample and assessment for many top institutions' admissions processes in the US and Canada.

Why interview with Vericant?

Many institutions require Vericant in their admissions process, using the Spoken English Evaluation (SEE) and Writing Sample Evaluation (WSE) scores to make applicants decisions. Through our structured approach to live and in-person interviews, plus writing samples, we provide a fair, convenient, and affordable experience for applicants and their families.

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Complete a recorded 11-13 minute recorded English interview.


Complete a 30-minute digital writing sample.


Choose which schools receive the Interview, SEE, and WSE score.

We learn a great deal from a student’s application, from school reports and essays, and grades and scores on standardized testing. But oftenthe single most important part of the application is the interview...we look for characteristics and personality qualities that we think will be a good match for our school.

Stephen Downes
Dir. Center for Int. Students; Assoc. Dir. International Recruitment.

The K-12 Interview and Writing Sample in detail

Structured behavioral-style interview

Behavioral interview questions are centered on past experiences and aim to spark engaging conversations. Rather than assessing knowledge in any particular area, the interview questions are designed to allow admissions officers to gain deeper insights into the applicant’s personality, interests, and thinking skills.

Warm up

Before camera ~5 min

In-depth question

04:30-10:00 min


00:00 – 02:00 min


10:00 – 11:00 min*

Picture question

02:00 – 04:30 min

Free speech

2 min max

Writing Sample

The writing sample offers a chance to showcase proficiency in English writing. Applicants will use a desktop computer to complete a digital writing sample in a 30-minute session, which is live-proctored and secure, either in-person or through Vericant’s secure interview platform remotely.

Analytical: Do you think parents should allow their children to make their own choices? Why or why not?
Practical: Your friend has asked to play a game they’ve never played before. How would you teach them to play?

What happens after the interview?

Send interview to schools

Following the Interview, the applicant’s Spoken English Evaluation (SEE) score and Writing Sample Evaluation (WSE) score will appear on their Vericant dashboard within 3, 5, or 10 business days, depending on the purchased package. The applicant is then able to:

Submit the interview and writing sample to accepting high schools in North America and worldwide

Send 'hearts' to 3 selected high schools to demonstrate a strong interest

Or…book and do another interview. (Some schools only review the latest interview.)

Quick tips for your Vericant Interview

Heads up!

In some circumstances the reflective question may be asked in the interviewee’s native language.

*Currently this applies only to interviews conducted in China.

Free speech tips

For the free speech segment, we recommend discussing topics such as your interest in boarding school, your reasons for wanting to study abroad, your readiness to live and learn away from home, how you envision contributing to your prospective school's community, your passions and hobbies, instances of facing challenges and the lessons learned, overcoming difficult family situations, moments of personal achievement, what drives your work ethic and focus, and what distinguishes you from your peers.

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The Vericant Interview absolutely helped my application - After I received offers for admission, they said"Your Vericant Interview supported your application and helped us know you better".

Ali Sajjad Jafari
High School Applicant

Still a bit nervous? We've got you

Practice makes perfect. Take Vericant’s Exclusive K-12 Pre-Interview and SEED to get data and improve your interview skills. Our data has helped thousands of applicants focus their practice and put their best interview forward.

Frequently asked questions

The Vericant K-12 Remote Interview is a remote interview offered to students who reside outside of Mainland China. Vericant will facilitate a spoken interview and a writing sample through the Vericant Online Interview Room. The Online Interview Room is an in-browser web tool, which means you don’t need to download any additional software or apps.

Click HERE to learn more about the Vericant Online Interview Room.

The interview, assessment, delivery times and process to send to schools are the exact same as Vericant In-Person Interviews.

Click here to check for open interview slots and register for your K-12 Remote Interview.

*Interview procedures and options may vary by region. Applicants from Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau), please visit www.vericant.cn for region-specific information.

In order to prepare for your K-12 Remote Interview, all applicants should:

  • Carefully read all official emails sent by Vericant
  • Bring along the ID document you registered with to the interview
  • Prepare a desktop/laptop computer with a functioning webcam and microphone. (The interview cannot be conducted on tablets (e.g. iPads) or cellphones.)
  • Test your laptop or computer’s camera and microphone before entering the Vericant Online Interview Room. For instructions on how to use the Vericant Online Interview Room and further information about Remote Interviews, see Remote Interview Info.
  • A quiet, enclosed room with no other people around you for the entire duration of the interview and writing sample
  • A strong internet network connection

*Interview procedures and options may vary by region. Applicants from Greater China (Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau), please visit www.vericant.cn for region-specific information.

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