Share what matters with admissions teams.


Complete an in-person or online recorded 16-18 minute interview.


Complete a 30-minute digital writing sample.


Choose which schools receive the Interview.

Watch an introduction to the Vericant Interview and why it is an important part of an application.

The Undergraduate Interview in Detail

Structured behavioral-style interview

Behavioral interview questions focus on past experience and facilitate interesting conversations. Rather than testing knowledge in any particular area, the interview questions are designed to help admissions officers learn more about personality, interests, and the way the applicant approaches challenges.

Warm up

Before camera starts, ~5 min

Spotlight Question

08:00 – 12:00 min

Picture Question

0:00 – 3:00 min

Study Abroad Question

12:00 – 16:00 min

In-depth Question

03:00 – 08:00 min

Free Speech

2 min max

Review Interview Sample Videos

Get to know the behavioral interview style, sections and questions so you can be more confident when it’s time for your interview.

30 minute writing sample

The applicant can choose between two different questions: analytical or practical. If in-person, the applicant will be provided with a desktop computer for a typed digital sample.


Analytical: Do you agree with smoking bans in public places?

Practical: You’ve been asked to plan an event that shares something about your culture. What will you do and how will you get it done?

See which universities accept the Vericant Interview

Top institutions across North America use the Vericant Interview as part of their application process.

Send interview to universities

3 or 2 business days after the Interview, the interview video and writing sample will be delivered to the applicant’s online Vericant dashboard. The applicant is then able to:

Highlight a section of the interview for admissions officers to watch first

Submit the interview and writing sample to any accepting institution worldwide

Send 'hearts' to 3 selected universities to demonstrate a strong interest

Or…book another interview without losing the first — every interview remains on the dashboard

Register for the Undergraduate Vericant Interview

Plan ahead — limited offline interview slots available during Undergraduate peak seasons between July and November.

Sample Question Videos

Build confidence and prepare effectively by familiarizing yourself with questions for the Interview. Click the image to review a video presenting the question and a sample answer from an applicant.

Picture Question

You are given two random pictures and asked to describe one of them. The interviewer asks follow-up questions and you and the interviewer have a conversation based on the picture you see.

In-Depth Question

This section is intended to start a conversation about your past, giving you the chance to describe specific experiences from your life. We encourage you to share how you have approached situations in the past as a way to understand how you might act in the future).


The Spotlight is an opportunity for you to demonstrate and highlight something about yourself that you feel is important to understand who you are as a person. In this section, you will have the chance to discuss anything from academics, your personal qualities, experiences, and more. 

Register for the Undergraduate Vericant Interview

Plan ahead — limited offline interview slots available during Undergraduate peak seasons between July and November.

Study Abroad Question

During this section, you and the interviewer discuss your plans for future study. This section is a chance for you to discuss your academic interests, academic and career goals, and qualifications.

Free Speech

You can use the Free Speech section to do a self introduction, talk directly to the school, or discuss anything that you feel you did not get to talk about in the interview. The interviewer will not ask or answer any questions during this time.

Review Pricing for the Undergraduate Vericant Interview

Add-ons such as fast delivery available.