Vericant Pre-Interview (VPI)

Know your potential

Practice makes perfect. It’s also a great way to set expectations for your application process. K-12 applicants can take the VPI and prepare for the official Vericant Interview with our mock interview and writing sample.

Prepare confidently. Perform accurately.

It’s not easy to be yourself with a professionally-trained interviewer, especially if it’s your first time. Building familiarity with the interview and writing sample can build confidence and improve performance.

Pre- interviews only available for K-12 applicants

By using the same format as the official interview, the VPI is a mock interview and practice writing sample designed to familiarize applicants with the process and environment, aiming to raise self-confidence and manage expectations prior to taking the official Vericant Interview. An important consideration on whether or not to take the VPI is if an applicant’s target school only accepts the first interview, and does not allow for retakes. Some partner institutions only accept the most recent interview. Each applicant is limited to a maximum of 3 attempts per interview cycle, which spans from June to May.

Note: VPI results cannot be sent to schools.

Get familiar with the Vericant Interview process

Overcome negative emotions and nervousness

Get comfortable with the interview environment

Learn more about yourself through practical experience

Experience a real interview with a trained interviewer

Predicted SEE (PSEE) score report, SEE Diagnostic available

SEED - Spoken English Evaluation Diagnostic


Spoken English Evaluation Diagnostic

Get data to improve your interview skills. Following your VPI, receive detailed, personalized feedback on your performance, highlighting your strengths and areas for improvement in the 5 categories of Vericant’s rubric. Only included with plus and deluxe interview packages. See full pricing and details here.

SEE category score range

Personalized feedback

Error analysis

I think that the Vericant Pre-Interview gave me the chance to speak one-on-one with a real interviewer. This experience is hard to come by. No matter how much I prepared beforehand, if I didn’t really sit down in the room and talk to the interviewer, I probably would’ve been afraid of the unknown until the actual interview.

Tony Zhang
Admitted to Baylor School

Learn from your experience!

Review your Predicted SEE score, or understand your performance in detail using the optional SEED.

Frequently asked questions

Whether the VPI will improve one’s SEE score depends. Each person will have a different performance. The SEE score of each interview varies depending on the applicant’s overall performance during the interview.

There is no limit to how many VPIs an applicant can take. There is also no required wait time between 2 VPIs.

The SEE Diagnostic is an add-on to the K-12 Vericant Pre-Interview and can be purchased anytime, before or after your K-12 Vericant Pre-Interview.

You can:

  • Purchase SEED as an add-on when you purchase the Vericant Pre-Interview package
  • Get SEED included when you purchase the Vericant Pre-Interview Standard or Deluxe package
  • Purchase SEED as an upgrade anytime through your Vericant student dashboard

The diagnostic will be delivered as a PDF file to your student dashboard 5 working days after your PSEE report is delivered. If the SEE Diagnostic is purchased after the PSEE report is delivered, the SEE Diagnostic will be delivered 5 working days after purchase date.

To receive your booklet faster, you can upgrade to fast delivery for both your PSEE score and your SEE Diagnostic. Learn more on Pricing.

Practice makes perfect!

Take VPI and know where you stand.