Vericant Checkpoint Interview (VCI)

Assess your progress

Whether you are a professional learning English, or a student aiming to improve your proficiency, the CI aims to give accurate and actionable feedback, so you can focus on targeted improvements.

A snapshot of your English proficiency

Understand your English learning progress through our structured interview and optional Spoken English Evaluation Diagnostic (SEED).

The Checkpoint Interview

Designed to enhance interview skills and spoken English abilities for anyone. The interviews and feedback act as progress markers, aimed at giving trusted 3rd party feedback to any English-based study program or individual learning English.


An optional diagnostic available as an add-on to VCI offering tailored feedback on the interview performance, pinpointing three strengths and weaknesses and providing improvement tips. This feedback aids teachers, counselors, and students in identifying areas for development before the next checkpoint.

Know thyself!

Take Vericant's CI and know where you stand