Fee Waiver

Needs-based fee waivers are available to all applicants worldwide. Organizations which accept the Vericant Interview may apply for fee waiver vouchers to distribute as they see fit to potential applicants.

Needs-based fee waivers available

Each year, Vericant reviews multiple requests and provides partial or full interview fee waivers for both online and in-person interviews. On average, several dozen waivers are issued each application season.

Vericant encourages applicants to first consult with the schools or institutions they are applying to in order to confirm if a waiver is already available directly from the institution before submitting this form.

Submit form and documentation

Applicants are requested to explain their circumstances. Click the button below to apply.

Sponsors submit recommendation

Teachers and counselors submit recommendations and supporting information.

Vericant reviews complete submission

The results will be sent 5-10 business days after all your documentation is received.