Spoken English Evaluation (SEE)

Measure what matters

Discover the depth of your English communication skills with the Vericant SEE score, which is a comprehensive average of 5 distinct categories: Linguistic Range, Grammatical Accuracy, Fluency, Conversational Interaction, and Coherence.

Comprehensive evaluation of spoken English

Vericant’s Spoken English Evaluation (SEE) score is a holistic reflection of how language is used in real-world social interactions, beyond technical proficiency in grammar and vocabulary. The SEE rubric has a range from 0-6 and assesses a speaker’s ability to communicate accurately and effectively in a conversation. These are the categories assessed:

Linguistic Range

Variety of words and expressions at a student’s disposal.

Grammatical Accuracy

Student’s control of grammar.


Pace and clarity and speech production.

Conversational Interaction

Level of engagement and participation.


The ability to produce well-structured speech that leaves no loose ends untied.

A comprehensive communication evaluation

Traditional English proficiency tests evaluate reading, writing, and listening skills but often overlook speaking—the critical component of classroom interaction in Western education. To fill this gap, Vericant’s verified video interviews were designed to give admissions officers a deeper insight into applicants' spoken English proficiency and soft skills. Equipped with Vericant's SEE score, admissions officers gain a standardized tool to confidently review candidates.

One score to rule them all

The SEE score reflects an in-depth analysis of your spoken English abilities across five key communicative competencies: Linguistic Range, Grammatical Accuracy, Fluency, Conversational Interaction, and Coherence. Understand your strengths and areas for growth in each dimension.

An English proficiency measure, second to none

The SEE, based on the globally recognized Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR), offers a unique approach compared to traditional tests like TOEFL and IELTS. Designed to evaluate live interactions, the SEE provides a comprehensive understanding of an applicant's spoken English proficiency.

A spoken proficiency measure of the future

Use the SEE score and streamline your application process today.

Frequently asked questions

Vericant’s SEE is a reflection of an applicant’s spoken English ability.

For 2023 application season, only the K-12 Vericant Interview include the SEE score as part of the standard service.

Undergraduate and graduate institutions may request an SEE score for a specific interview via the School Portal. 

Pencil and paper English proficiency exams measure reading, writing and listening abilities, but neglect the fourth and possibly the most important ability in a western classroom: speaking. To fill this gap, Vericant’s verified video interviews were developed to help admission officers better understand their applicant’s spoken English ability and non-cognitive skills.  The only problem was evaluations were subjective and applicants received little feedback on their abilities. 

With Vericant SEE, admission officers now have a standardized measurement of applicant’s spoken English abilities and applicants receive feedback on their spoken English ability.

The Spoken English Evaluation (SEE) assesses candidates’ oral English skills in Vericant interviews, assigning scores from 0 to 6 (to one decimal place, e.g., 4.3, 2.2). It evaluates language proficiency and real-world communication capabilities. After completing the Vericant interview process, submitting the SEE score helps schools assess an applicant’s English oral communication skills. These materials allow admissions officers to quickly evaluate oral proficiency, helping to identify candidates who meet their admission criteria. For applicants, the SEE score acts as a clear indicator of their performance, highlighting their oral communication skills to various schools and programs.

(The Vericant Interview) is really helpful for us, and I totally did not expect them to interview students in such a clever and unexpected way. Through the video interview,we can understand the applicant's English speaking ability more fully.

Ben Douglas
Snr Assoc. Director of Admissions, Episcopal High School

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