Become a Part-Time Interviewer for Vericant!

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Why Vericant?

Communication Skills

Develop your soft skills and gain expert interviewing ability. When you interview for a job or for school in the future, it will be a walk in the park.

International Presence

Diversify your resume by working with a company that has a presence in 13 Mainland Chinese cities, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Seoul.

Flexible Schedule

Have a schedule that doesn’t force you to be in an office every weekday from 9 to 5; you’ll have the time to write a novel, build a website, or review your flashcards.

We need interviewers who:

  • Are native English speakers
  • Have a bachelor’s degree
  • Can be available for at least one full weekend day per week from September to March (preference given to applicants with higher availability)
  • Possess impeccable verbal communication skills
  • Are friendly, personable, and professional


Vericant’s part-time interviewer position is a great opportunity to meet people from various backgrounds while building invaluable skills that will be helpful in many ways beyond simply interviewing!

Iwen Lam

Current Vericant Interviewer

Interviewing allowed me to meet students of various socio-economic backgrounds, English levels, and with differing experiences as the season progressed. Being a Vericant Interviewer is both challenging and required me to use and develop a range of interviewing techniques.

Nick Char

Former Vericant interviewer

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  • Will each week’s/month’s schedule be the same?

Generally, each week will be different. If you have specific preferences (for example, you would prefer to be scheduled earlier in the week rather than later in the week) let us know when we are doing the scheduling and we are happy to work that into our plan. Our interview manager will always get your approval 3-4 weeks ahead of any proposed schedule before committing you to those shifts.

  • How big of a time commitment will this be?

The most successful part-time interviewers have been those who are in charge of their own schedules, such as freelance graphic designers, web developers, and others. If you are trying to balance a full-time job alongside a role as a Part-Time Interviewer it is more challenging, but are definitely still welcome to apply if you’re committed.

  • What if I am only available for a few hours each day?

We ask that interviewers commit to either half days (either mornings or afternoons) or full days (roughly from 9 AM to 5 PM). Full days are much better for Vericant to work with.

  • Does this job offer a visa?

As part-time contractor work, Vericant does not provide any visas for Part-Time Interviewers. We do provide work visas for full-time staff though, so please check out our other open positions if you are interested in joining our team in a full-time capacity.

  • Will I have a script to follow?

We provide our interviewers not with a script but with a guideline. Each section of the interview starts with a single question to establish a theme or a topic, and all of the rest of the questions during that section are follow-up questions that the interviewer comes up with in response to the applicant’s answers. This means that interviewers are constantly listening attentively and thinking on their feet. These personalized follow-up questions, combined with the many different guidelines that we have, means that each interview we conduct is unique.

  • English isn’t my native language, but I am totally fluent. I speak English really really well, and I’ve even lived in English speaking countries before.

Sorry, we’re quite strict with this requirement. All interviewers must be native English speakers.

  • Do interviewers have to travel to other cities?

No, each interviewer will only do interviews within the city that he or she lives in.

  • What if I don’t live in Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen? Can I still do interviews for you?

At this time, we are only looking for interviewers in these three cities. It is possible to work remotely, but we aren’t looking for remote interviewers right now. You’re welcome to apply and we’ll reach out when spots open up!

  • What is the training like?

We have a rigorous training process to make sure you can be a quality interviewer without prior experience. It includes: online learning, check-ins with your trainer, mock interviews, and supervised interview days.

Training is compensated.

  • I do some SAT tutoring/essay writing/college counseling for students in China. Will that be a problem?

At Vericant we take our neutrality very seriously, and we don’t allow interviewers to have any contact with the students outside of the interview day. This means that if you do other work that involves helping students prepare to study abroad, this is a serious conflict of interest with interviewing work for Vericant: your role as a helper to the student and your role as a neutral interviewer for Vericant are incompatible. Many interviewers have taught English at some point during their careers, but no interviewers are allowed to engage in any kind of action to assist students in their application process.

  • What other benefits are there to working with Vericant?

In your time conducting interviews for Vericant, you will hone the skills that will help you succeed in future interviews of your own. Future job interviews or future grad school interviews will be a breeze. You’ll also be able to help students achieve their academic and future goals.