English Language Rater

With our headquarters in Beijing, offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen, and satellite possibilities throughout China and the world; working at Vericant can take place anywhere, at any time, with a secure internet connection. 

Working with us means you’ll be part of a team that helps each team member win, succeed, and shine. You will have the opportunity to work with a diverse, multi-lingual group of people who inspire and share, to create an environment in which professionals can excel.

Improve yourself

Develop your skills and earn money for each video you rate.

Improve applications

Play an important role in international admissions.

Work remotely

Work anytime, anywhere as part of a remote team.

Role Responsibilities

  • Maintain accuracy levels
  • Log in consistently
  • Take notes to explain and justify the scores given
  • Read feedback on past ratings
  • Work 5-15 hours a week between September and March

Become a Vericant English Language Rater

Seeking Native English speakers with impeccable verbal communication skills to ensure the continued quality of our interview service.


Basic Qualifications

Additional/Desired Qualifications

  • Native speaker of North American English
  • Able to commit 5-15 hours per week form September 1st until March 31st
  • Good command of English grammar
  • Experience working remotely
  • Experience teaching ESL in a professional or academic setting
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Experience in language assessment
  • Advanced degree
  • Flexible schedule
  • Attentive listener
  • Responsive to feedback
  • Detail focused

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Vericant Rater Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Vericant SEE? Why is it important to Raters?

The Vericant Spoken English Evaluation (SEE) is an evaluation of the English language proficiency demonstrated during the Vericant video interview. The SEE rubric was developed from the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The SEE score reflects an interviewee’s ability to communicate in an interview setting across five areas: Linguistic Range, Grammatical Accuracy, Fluency, Spoken Interaction, and Coherence. Learn more here.

Is there training for raters? How can I qualify?

Before becoming a Rater you must undergo online training in order to become familiar with our rating process and to learn how to apply the SEE rubric. These training sessions occur several times a year and allow trainees to practice using the rubric as they receive feedback from instructors. Trainings also serve to help us determine who we hire as Raters.

Trainees with sufficiently high performance during training will be invited to become Raters, and those with excellent performance during training may be invited to become Reviewers, who earn a higher pay rate. Training times will vary, but previous trainings have lasted for 4 weeks, with between five and eight hours of training per week.

What is the time commitment for a role as Vericant Rater?

You will be expected to rate a minimum of 12 videos per week. Since videos are approximately 8-10 minutes long, a Rater can rate between 3-5 videos an hour, depending on their experience and level of difficulty in assigning scores. We recommend rating no more than 6 videos in one sitting. Raters will never encounter the same student twice and will only submit one score per student.

All Raters are expected to maintain a minimum level of commitment to rating on a weekly basis. Raters who are not consistent about logging in to the Rating Portal and rating videos (without timely communication with the Assessment Manager) will have their accounts suspended or retired.

What is the Vericant Rating Portal?

All evaluations of video interviews will be conducted online through the Vericant Rating Portal, a secure platform on Vericant’s website. On the Rating Portal, Raters will watch videos, submit ratings, and review feedback and view accuracy levels. 

Do Vericant Raters have access to private or identifying information of applicants?

No. All applicant videos will have identifying information erased as much as possible. This includes blurring faces in the rating videos you will be watching as a Rater. Furthermore, we want Raters to have no personally identifying SEE ratings given information about the applicant as it may bias the SEE ratings given.

Will applicants I rate know my identity?

No. Vericant protects Rater identities during the rating process. As a Rater, your ratings will be identified only by randomized numbers. All rating, reviewing, and feedback processes are anonymous. Only an Assessment Manager will have access to your work record.

What happens if a Rater doesn't meet the accuracy requirements?

Raters whose accuracy levels slip below minimum levels will be temporarily removed from rating real videos and placed on probation. We ask for Raters on probation to complete a series of training videos again to re-establish their rating accuracy before they can resume rating real videos. Raters on probation will not be paid for their training videos. Raters who consistently submit inaccurate ratings will risk having their accounts retired.

Become a Vericant English Language Rater

Seeking Native English speakers with impeccable verbal communication skills to ensure the continued quality of our interview service.