The Vericant SEE Diagnostic

Understand the Interview score

Feedback from Vericant’s raters informs how you can improve.


Register and complete the K-12 Vericant Pre-Interview.


Review the 20+page digital report which breaks down your score.


Focus on key category score ranges for the next Interview.

The Vericant SEE Diagnostic in Detail

The Spoken English Evaluation Diagnostic is a comprehensive report about your performance during a Vericant Pre-Interview. It includes a breakdown of how you did in each of the five categories of our rubric and professional feedback on the strengths and weaknesses you displayed during the interview.

Category Score Range

See your performance for each category of your Vericant Interview SEE score: Linguistic Range, Grammatical Accuracy, Fluency, Spoken Interaction, and Coherence.

Use this information to guide your areas of focus for practice and preparation for the official interview or your next pre-interview.

Personalized Feedback

Receive information on your strengths and weaknesses in all five categories, useful tips on how to improve based on your current level, and direct feedback from a member of the Vericant rating team.

Use this information to practice and develop your strengths in the competency areas which are important to you.

Error Analysis

Get an in-depth look at your Range and Accuracy score with analysis of your specific mistakes, suggestions for how to improve them, and where to focus your practice and development in these categories.

Use information to ‘catch’ your errors and apply Vericant’s coaching to your personal practice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase the SEE Diagnostic?

The SEE Diagnostic is an add-on to the K-12 Vericant Pre-Interview and can be purchased anytime, before or after your K-12 Vericant Pre-Interview.

You can:

  • Purchase SEED as an add-on when you purchase the Vericant Pre-Interview package
  • Get SEED included when you purchase the Vericant Pre-Interview Standard or Deluxe package
  • Purchase SEED as an upgrade anytime through your Vericant student dashboard

If you have questions on SEED or how to purchase, please contact us.

When will I receive my SEE Diagnostic?

The diagnostic will be delivered as a PDF file to your student dashboard 5 working days after your PSEE report is delivered. If the SEE Diagnostic is purchased after the PSEE report is delivered, the SEE Diagnostic will be delivered 5 working days after purchase date.

To receive your booklet faster, you can upgrade to fast delivery for both your PSEE score and your SEE Diagnostic. Learn more on Pricing.

Can I receive a printed copy of my SEE Diagnostic?

By default the SEE Diagonostic is delivered as an electronic PDF. If you would like it printed and shipped to you, please contact after purchasing.

How do counselors, advisors and teachers use the SEE Diagnostic?

The SEE Diagnostic is a great way for you to help your students get the most from their K-12 Vericant Pre-Interview experience. It not only includes personalized feedback on their performance, but also has helpful tips for each of the five categories of the SEE rubric. If you are unsure of the meaning of any of the feedback please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by email at

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